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LawFlu School of Legal Learning is an organization formed with a vision to educate the society with legal knowledge and make them aware of their legal rights. It is in continuous endeavour to develop extraordinary skills in law students, lawyers, legal professionals, businessmen and other sectors of the society. Our objective is to bridge the gap between seeking minds and the relevant subject matter.

Lawflu is engaged in curating the best Certificate Courses to foster and escalate the legal knowledge, both theoretical and practical. We help Law Enthusiasts to acquire practical knowledge beyond what is taught in law schools or books. This practical knowledge through video lectures and case studies facilitates them to rapidly generate practical legal knowledge and skills, stand out from the crowd and perform better than expectations in their field. All the courses are provided by Aryavarta Legal Learning Society having registration number 04/14/01/21564/20.

We are also catering to experienced lawyers enabling them to add new areas of law to their practice, or work on matters involving expertise in multiple areas at the same time. Not just that we also cater to many amateurs or non-lawyers who want to discover the law due to various personal and professional welfare, helping them to kick start and speed up their professional development and career.

Amidst all this, Lawflu has also ensured the development of the professionals and enthusiasts who appear for various law exams by providing them timely updates, mock tests and much more, supporting them to prepare for the most awaited time of their lives.

Apart from that, we additionally provide different opportunities to climb steps on the stairs of becoming prominent lawyers and spokesperson in society through activities like Blog Writing, Video Blog Submissions, Weekly Quiz Competitions and many more. We provide a platform to share opinions on various legal topics and legal developments, get into discussions with law enthusiasts and most importantly, share your uniqueness with 7 billion people around the world through your articulation of words and presentation.

We are also focused on making our users aware about law and latest legal developments. We undertake this by regularly delivering legal updates, news and insights to them. In short we are continuously striving to enable both Law professionals, and amateurs develop and enhance themselves in the most affordable, practical and productive way on our shared passion - Law.


• Provides expertise in various Law subjects and types.
• Elevates your skill set.
• Assists to improve your career (legal or non-legal) with specialised knowledge.
• Practical and Case law based concepts with video lectures to wisely keep you close to reality.
• Clear and quality content at affordable rates for every specific course.
• 24*7 support via mails for any kind of queries.
• Increase legal awareness in the simplest form through news, updates, key insights, quizzes, blogs, vlogs and much more.


• To create advanced and practical legal courses.
• To make legal education simple for law students.
• To develop keen interest in people towards the Law of the Land.
• To customize courses in such a way, so that every section of society can adequately develop expertise in particular fields.
• To thoughtfully provide one stop solution for all legal help in a simple and transparent manner.
• To develop courses in a digital format so that it can be accessible from any part of the world.
• To enable Law Enthusiasts to become prominent lawyers by providing opportunities that enhance their knowledge and productivity.


• The courses are properly designed in a modular form which makes it easier and flexible to read.
• Generating Legal Awareness amongst all segments of the society through various activities.
• Providing entrepreneurs & start-ups all the required know-how for conducting their business not just in India but anywhere in the world.
• More practical knowledge through actual case laws and understanding of legal excerpts.
• To eliminate the gap between the real world experience and textbook experience.


• To develop a lifelong habit of continuous progress for learning and enhancing the knowledge.
• To equip you with legal rights provided through the Constitution of India.
• To keenly enjoy the journey of knowledge with the mindset that law is not at all Tough.
• To develop and enhance yourself in the most affordable, practical and productive way over our shared passion - Law.


• We shift focus from theory and offer you a glimpse of practical life.
• We take learning beyond what has been typically taught in your classroom.
• We provide the most convenient way to enhance your legal knowledge and skills.
• We direct you through essential procedural areas of law that cannot be learnt from books.
• We provide our knowledge, as a gift for ALL.

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Understand the practical applicability of various laws in India, implementation of legal knowledge in your field of work, expertise in particular subject by e-learning and enhance your quality of work to shine in your academic career.

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