Surrogacy and Its Legal Aspects



Lawflu has organized a Certification on “Surrogacy and it's legal aspects” to strengthen knowledge of surrogacy laws in India. We all know that surrogacy is a topic of discussion since ancient times. It is the matter of conversation in the fields of legal, social, ethical and many such others. Surrogacy in exchange of money took place with the development of science relating to infertility and reproductive technology. Commercial surrogacy is a modern practice as opposed to traditional surrogacy, and even an expression “wombs for rent” was coined, as it became possible to grow a full term baby in any womb. Baby Manji Yamada’s case influenced India’s government to pass a law governing surrogacy. In the landmark case Baby Manji Yamada v. Union of India, India’s Supreme Court officially legalized commercial surrogacy. In this case, the Court described “commercial surrogacy as a method of surrogacy in which a in the womb”.

But now, Commercial surrogacy is banned in India. Before the actual prohibition of commercial surrogacy in 2015, India had been a prominent surrogacy place for others. India became a popular destination of fertility tourism. This arrangement may seem to be favourable for all concerned parties. 


Surrogate Mother: A Surrogate mother denotes to a woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, either from her own egg or a fertilized egg from other woman by implantation of eggs in her womb.

Thus, Lawflu has designed this course to ensure that not only Law students or lawyers but every common man should know abouts the legal backups of surrogacy laws in India along with key knowledge about surrogacy contracts, penalties, regulatory authorities, rules and regulations and much more. 



Module 1: Historical Background

Module 2. What is Surrogacy?

Module 3: Types of Surrogacy

Module 4: Surrogate Mother

* Rights of Surrogate mother

* Eligibility of Surrogate mother

Module 5: Intended parents eligibility for surrogacy

Module 6: People/ Couple banned for Surrogacy

Module 7: Surrogacy in Indias prospective

Module 8: Legislation related to surrogacy in India

Examination and Certification


Key Takeaways:

After this course, viewers will be able to 

  • Understand basics of Surrogacy, Surrogacy Bill and its scope.
  • Know the applicability of Indian laws related to surrogacy .
  • Get an insight on types of surrogacy and people banned for surrogacy.
  • In depth understanding of surrogate mother and their legal rights.
  • Become aware about Penalties for performing illegal surrogacy and rights of child born out of surrogacy.

Online Assessment: 

  • Minimum 40% marks are required to pass the subject.
  • Only 1 re-attempt is valid.


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