Laws of Contract


Contract as we all know are one of the most important gears for smooth operation of business procedure. Every commercial or non-commercial entity enters into contracts to ensure inevitability & confidence in business and for enforceability of the agreed condition with other party.

In Indian Contract Act, the element of enforceability of contract comes into play after it has been accepted by each party, the most crucial and complicated aspect of a contact is its drafting. Contract drafting involves application of business knowledge, contract laws and writing skills.

Lawflu has introduced this course to help you with the fundamentals of contract law and improve your contract drafting skills.


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Lecture 1 – Introduction to Indian Contract Act, 1872

Lecture 2 - General Principles Section 1 to 75 

Lecture 3 - Acceptance

Lecture 4 – Agreement

Lecture 5 - Communication and revocation

Lecture 6 - Enforceable by law

Lecture: 7 – Types of Contract

Lecture 8 – Elements of Enforceability

Lecture 9 - Meaning of Consideration

Lecture 10 - Contingent Contracts

Lecture 11- Performance of Contract

Lecture 12 - Devolution of Joint liabilities

Lecture 13 – Time and Place of Performance

Lecture 14 - Performance of Reciprocal promises

Lecture 15 - Doctrine of Frustration of Contract & Force Majeure

Lecture 16 - Reciprocal promise

Lecture 17 - Apportionment of Payments

Lecture 18 - Novation, Rescission and alteration of Contract

Lecture 19 - Quasi Contract

Lecture 20 -  Breach of contract, Anticipatory contract & its remedies

Lecture 21 – Indemnity & Guaranty

Lecture 22 – Bailment

Lecture 23 – Pledge

Lecture 24 – Agency



Key Takeaways:

  1. Basics of Indian Contract Act, 1872
  2. Elements of enforceability of contract.
  3. Remedies for breach of contract
  4. Rights and liabilities of parties in Contract
  5. Learn about Bailment, Pledge & Agency
  6. Laws of Quasi Contract
  7. Learn about when Frustration of Contract occurs
  8. Online assignment & Certification

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